Horseshoe Hot Water Bottle

Hot water bottles are a great way to target and relieve pain as well as a great way to keep warm in the winter months (Even if they have been fairly mild for most). This hot water bottle is perfect for both of these jobs, shaped like a horseshoe it fits neatly around your neck and soothes the areas that I find are affected most by shoulder and neck ache. Once around your neck there is no need to hold it in place keeping your hands free to read or do your crosswords. While I always use mine after training or a game with my sports team my partner found the perfect way to keep warm. She places the hot water bottle around her neck then puts her dressing gown on over the top so the heat circulates around her whole body keeping her nice and toasty even on the coldest night (A great way to save on the heating bills).

This is a perfect way to relieve aches and keep warm – A must have for just £10.99!

All Product Conclusions are put together using feedback from both our valued customers and the personal opinions of our family and friends.


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